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Path Clock

Class Assignment, 2020

This was an assignment from Golan Levin's class where we had to create a new representation of a clock. I was inspired by Harry Potter's Marauder's Map and had a lot of fun creating it!

The two paths each represent one of the hands on a clock. The slower path is the hour hand while the faster path is the minute hand. If you imagine yourself at the center of a clock and trace the path the feet are walking in, that's where the hour or minute hand are pointing. 


My initial sketches imagined a colorful canvas of different foots steps, much like the Marauder's Map. I imagined the bottoms of shoes only worn by business men. These are some sketches and a version I experimented with. 

The paths are predetermined so based on the hour or minute, the current path the feet walk on changes. I created a program that saves paths I draw in JSON files. The feet have the correct orientation and are distanced apart due to some handy calculus. 

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